Manado blues

The sea, the seafood and the Sulawesi skies

Tiga anak laut


Catch of the day

Cooking on the spot

Cabe rawi dipotong potong. Local spices are prepared for the feast.

Membuang sauh. Dropping the anchor in the turquoise waters. Manado Tua watching in the distance.

Mark and Agnes. Happy passengers catching the breeze


Mimpi manis

The spires of Manado

The bay

Ibu dan anak

One thought on “Manado blues

  1. saya tertarik sekali dengan ilustrasi dari Bapak.
    Bolehkah tahu cara melakukan ilustrasi ini ?
    >dengan media apa ? di kertas ? pakai cat air ? spidol ? pensil ?

    speak indonesian, dont u ?


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