Around and around…

Siapa yang datang?

Siapa yang datang?

Bale politik

Bale politik

Dijual bensin. Everywhere on the side of the busy roads, these small local petrol stations

Dijual bensin. Everywhere on both sides of the busy roads, these small local petrol stations.

Sapi yang penasaran

Sapi yang penasaran. The Balinese cows (yes, they have white buttocks) are quite friendly, and very inquisitive.

Tukang nanas di pantai (Lombok)

Tukang nanas di pantai (Lombok). Fresh sliced pineapple on demand.


Berjongkok. At the edge of a tiny village temple, this weathered gargoyle-like figure stares at the passing motorbikes.


Perahu di pantai Yeh Gangga.

Le chien noir et la bicyclette jaune. Scène de village.

Mimpi berjalan-jalan. Meeting somewhere in Canggu the old Volkswagen Combi's traveling dreams.

Tugu di Padang Linjong.

Totof & Co. The welcoming comity of PT Anjing Kampung, divisi desa Buwit.



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